The Group

COACHFORD PLAYERS was founded almost accidentally in 1987 when a group of us decided to "do a play". One thing leading to another, here we are 25 years later, still hitting the boards.
We are a small group, with about 30 members, of whom about 10 would be active at any time, family and work deciding priorities. We perform one full length play or a musical each year, and in the late spring we perform 2 One-Act Plays in the local Village Inn. Occasionally, when actors are available, we go on the One-Act Circuit, and indeed have twice reached the finals, with "At the Hawk's Well" and "Midnight Court"
We are perhaps most proud of our productions of "Happy Birthday, Dear Alice", "Oklahoma", "Macbeth" and "Dancing at Lughnasa". Our current main stage production is the musical "Me and My Girl", due to play in February.
We are long standing members of the Drama League of Ireland, and one of our members, Maura Lucey, has recently retired after serving on the National Executive for several years.
We are very honoured and privileged to be able to perform Daniel McIvor's exciting play "Never Swim Alone" at the National Finals at Ballyduff, and will regard our appearance in the final as a highlight in the group's history.
The Play
NEVER SWIM ALONE is a Canadian play, this version of which dates from 2006. It concerns two loud mouthed Alpha males who, in a series of "rounds", pit their merciless wit and even violence against one another, to determine which of the two is "First". Like politicians at election time, they try to seduce the audience to their individual corners, utterly smashing the "fourth wall" in their eagerness. Their contest, over 13 rounds refereed by a young woman, told in a post modernist yet ritualised manner, leads from grey uniformity to the red raw inner cores, still bleeding from an incident in their boyhood. But, as the champions battle for supremacy, we gradually begin to feel that the ultimate victor is neither Frank nor Bill, but rather the ghostly memory of a long gone tragedy. 
Daniel MacIvorThe Author
Canadian, Daniel MacIvor, was born in Sydney, Cape Breton in 1962. His post-secondary education was at Dalhousie University in Halifax and at George Brown College in Toronto. He has written, directed, and acted in many plays. Although it's his work in theatre that he is primarily recognized for, he has also starred in a few movies. He is one of Canada's best known playwights, and is also well known and well-received internationally.
Interesting Bits
TRIVIA 1: "Never Swim Alone" won the award for overall excellence at the New York Fringe in 1998
TRIVIA 2: MacIvor was once asked by his mother to kindly write a play that she might like
QUOTE 1: We must welcome death and embrace endings in order to move forward, even to begin
QUOTE 2: This will allow me to pursue work that is important to me rather than work that is important to the rent (MacIvor on winning the $100,000 Siminovitch Prize)

Thank You

West Waterford Drama Festival 2020 – Message from Festival Director Clodagh Walsh


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